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Ryse Hotel

Specified IVANKA product: highly customized facade PANELS

2018 Seoul, South Korea

Related services: design and engineering services, research and development, project management, customized factory production, packaging, delivery, on-site supervision

Concrete in numbers: 130 sqm IVANKA METEORITE PANELS, 380 sqm standard flooring tiles, 42 pieces of individual stair elements 

Architect: Kate Cho, Daniel Song, Gábor Markaly

Contractor: SHIN BAGNARA Co., Ltd

Client: AJU Hotels & Resorts

METEORITE panel formliner: RECKLI

Photography: courtesy of RYSE Hotel and IVANKA


RYSE Hotel by Autograph Collection is located in the Hongdae district of Seoul and it has brought art in its every form throughout the hotel. It presents the young generation's experimentation, originality and cultural-artistic spirit. The high- quality services have become visible through its design.

The client's design team wanted to achieve a highly structured cliff wall looking surface to create an unusual and very robust contiguous surface. The more than 100 square meter wallcovering installation in the ground floor lobby creates an extraordinary contrast with the filigree machined bronze parts and the fine-grained pink marble and the glossy homogeneous pink resin floor.

The character of the industrial building has been further enhanced by IVANKA's large-format 380 square meter concrete floor which has been installed at the first-floor check-in lobby, and by a staircase which is located in the middle of the floor with a gracefully rolled structure. The extremely airy, metal structure of the spiral staircase was a special technical challenge to install the rigid, large concrete elements.

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