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The rich visual experience of the Danube landscape views and a fabulous melding of the old original details and bold contemporary architectural solutions did require concrete creations to highlight the beauty of the largest penthouse in the 1914 industrial building turned into an inspiring living space. Tailor-made concrete fireplace, stairs, window frames and window sills, concrete counter and kitcen island have been created by IVANKA custom works divison and PROPELLER table, AEROM Concrete Sound audiophile speakers, APPLIED LITERATURE table and FLASTER modular tiles were picked from the collection.

2011 Budapest

Design: Decoreyes

Specified IVANKA product: FLASTER modular tiles, AEROM Concrete Sound audiophile speakers, APPLIED LITERATURE table, PROPELLER table, highly customized window frames, customized concrete kitchen island

Related services: project management, development, customized factory production, packaging, delivery, installation

Photography: György DARABOS

Bespoke project

Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery