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Hotel Clark

Specified IVANKA product: highly customized facade PANELS, special lion-faced 3D tiles

2018 Budapest, Hungary 

Related services: design and engineering services, research and development, project management, customized factory production, packaging, delivery, installation

Concrete in numbers: 

180 pieces midnight black, 20 pieces unique white coloured special 3D lion-faced tile

147 large 3D elements of unique coloured PANELS have been installed to the street front, 1.5 tons each

1100 sqm surface area, 330 pieces PANEL in total

Architect: Anthony GALL

General contractor: Market Építő Zrt.

Photography: courtesy of Unione-Clark Kft. and IVANKA

Bespoke project

Ádám Clark square is the heart of Hungary and the entryway to Buda Castle and at the same time it is one of the capital’s most emblematic attractions. Hotel Clark offers 86 rooms in four different categories, an elegant lobby area with a private boardroom for meetings.

The hotel’s contemporary facade - covered by IVANKA PANEL- bears dark tones and minimalist aesthetics sleekly contouring to the roundabout’s circular dimensions. Largely devoid of external statuary like the building’s ornamented neighbours, the Hotel Clark’s frontage is smoothly curvaceous with recessed windows in a gradually warping grid pattern. IVANKA also designed a lion-faced tile for Hotel Clark, the symbol inspired by the iconic lions of the Chain Bridge with a look that is deeply rooted in the city’s rich art-deco architectural heritage.



Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery