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Specified IVANKA product: TRINITY modular tiles

2015 Birmingham

Related services: design and engineering services, project management, customized factory production, packaging, worldwide shipping

Concrete in numbers:
3600 sqm surface area of concrete floor
The unique layout of the concrete floor was manufactured in two colours and three different geometrical shaped formats: trapezoid, diamond and triangle.
372 x 1118 x 1118 x 1490mm large trapezoids were produced, in the colour Erwin Grey for the main sales floor, alongside smaller diamonds (372 x 372 x 372 mm) and triangles (370 x 370 x 370 mm) specially produced in the colour Rock Grey, for the smaller zones.

Design: Virgile + Partners

Awards: Retail Week Award 2016 for Best Store of the Year, Retail Excellence Award at the Global Retail & Leisure International RLI Awards 2016

Photography: Ed REEVE

Bespoke Project

July 2015 saw Harvey Nichols close their original store in Birmingham to make way for a brand new concept store, in the heart of the new look Mailbox complex. Double the size of the stores’ previous incarnation which opened in 2001, Harvey Nichols were keen to create a concept store which portrayed the look of “controlled destruction”, as described by Shadi Halliwell, group marketing and creative director at Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichols worked in collaboration with architect and retail design specialists, Virgile + Partners, to create an unusual environment through technology and an eclectic approach to materials inside their first concept store. With the design approved, Virgile + Partners enlisted the expertise and knowledge of the Birmingham headquartered Strata Tiles, to help source the custom-made IVANKA concrete and marble pieces for the 4500 sqm store. Due to the speed of the programme, the material had to be delivered in just two months to enable the scheme to be completed on time.

Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery