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Eclectic ReStaurant

Eclectic combines raw, industrial concrete surfaces with tactile brass, marble and leather details. Commissioned by restaurateurs Fabienne and Philippe Amzalak, the restaurant is the first flagship interior in France to be completed by the British Tom Dixon's interior design office, Design Research Studio. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s architecture of the area, the design plays with colour, simple repeat modules and clean geometry. The experience is one of warmth, colour and comfort, in a brutalist concrete environment, littered with custom designed products.

"Tom Dixon began with the idea of making the restaurant an integral part of its modernist surroundings," explained a statement from Eclectic. "The technical areas of the building are exposed for maximum space, and concrete - the superstar of brutalism - is exploited in every possible texture." 


2013 Paris

Designer: Tom DIXON

Specified IVANKA product: customized PANELS

Related services: customized factory production, packaging, worldwide shipping, installation

Photography: Patricia ARINEJAD, courtesy of Tom Dixon Studio

Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery