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2016 London, UK

Specified IVANKA product: highly customized interior PANELS

Highlighted features: hammered surface, development of new material composition and texture, large size custom PANELS, technological innovation

Concrete is numbers: 36 sqm (387 sq ft) surface area

Related services: design & engineering services, research & development, project management, customized factory production, packaging, worldwide shipping, installation

Architecture: Conran and Partners

Developer: Redrow London


In 2016 IVANKA was invited to contribute to the development of an iconic architectural heritage, the Barbican Estate in London. The project designed by Conran and Partners is the revival of the Blake Tower, known as the Barbican’s “fourth tower” – a 17-story 1960’s building, one of the first examples of British Brutalist architecture – to be converted into a 74 apartment edifice.

Conran and Partners contemporary design plays homage to the building’s original architectural anatomy, respecting and expressing its brutalist forms and 1960s materiality. The theme of “Modern Heritage” inspired the project, sensitively drawing on the area’s rich history and cultural spirit. IVANKA has developed highly-customized concrete surface for the interior wall coverings in order to reproduce the famous hand-crafted surface of the estate, bringing back the historical atmosphere of the residences.

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