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"Buildings, where architectural problems are particularly stylistic ones, can be considered as special examples. The nnew building of HungaroControl completed in 2013 is a building of such kind: an addition that sensitively and innovatively continues the previous phase, a house which organically fits in the creative oeuvre but at the same time becomes a unique experiment in a sense, since the way it uses a well-known material, ceramics is remarkable even in international context."

2013 Budapest

Specified IVANKA product: highly customized facade PANELS

Related services: design and engineering services, project management, development, customized factory production, packaging, delivery

Concrete numbers: 2800 sqm surface area

Architecture: ZSK Architects

Awards: Budapest Chamber of Architects Award 2015 - Special Mention

Photography: Tamás BUJNOVSZKY

Bespoke project

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