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Specified IVANKA product: precast concrete columns, ventillated facade system

Started 2017 Q4, London

Concrete in numbers: 120 sqm

Architect: Barr Gazetas

Partner: Strata Tiles Ltd.

Images: courtesy of IVANKA


A refurbished old building used as a trading floor of a big bank gained new functionality as an office building. John Robertson Architects preserved the good points of the building like the strong concrete frame. IVANKA develpoed for the project curved concrete elements which cover the pillars of the building and are fitted with a conventional fixing system. The cylindrical elements were produced with a radius of 600 and 500 millimeters at the company's site in Hungary. The lobby and entrance of 10 Queen Street Place are covered with non-slip IVANKA concrete floor tiles.  

The facade of the building located on the exclusive site at the Thames is covered with IVANKA PANEL elements up to the third level of the building.

Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery