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„No matter how and where we choose or happen to be laid to rest, however, good design could benefit us all ‐ dead or alive“

It’s not very distant past, death was a taboo subject even among developed societies. By insulating themselves from death the living deprive of opportunities to be better prepared to face their own mortality. Death is one those subjects people tend not to like talking about, however it still comes to us all in the end. Tombstones haven’t changed much over the last few centuries, that is until now with some moves to shake up the architecture and design of death. Death used to be a nice line of work for architects. It generated the tombs and pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal and countless other magni cent structures. The great achievements of modern architecture and design have brought stunning forms to our built environment ‐ yet these qualities often seem to have kept away from the objects and spaces and for burial. The living want new houses, new spaces, new furniture, new objects of desire, they don’t want to bother much with the dead.

Embracing a 21th century taboo subject with AFTERLIFESTYLE – universally speaking spiritual design that transcends life – SEEYou as the rst contemporary gravestone design made its

debut at MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2009

“In its constant quest for the freshest, sexiest, most age- defying products, the design world takes little time out to contemplate mortality. But having queued for a playful bounce on the show’s hippest chair, visitors to this year’s Milan Design Fair were brought up short. Sombre crowds gathered respectfully around the Seeyou gravestone, designed by Akos Maurer Klimes and Peter Kucsera, both 29, for Hungarian concrete company Ivanka.”

Helen Brown, Guardian UK


Year of design: 2008

Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery