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IVANKA at Surface Design Awards 2017

IVANKA OPUSTERRA PANEL won Surface Design Awards 2017 in Public Building Exterior Surface Category - sponsored by PEFC. 

Recognising examples of progressive design and the use of innovative surfaces in projects both in the UK and internationally, the 2017 Winner list has now been announced. IVANKA got honoured and won the prize with Opusztaszer Visitor Center project in Public Building Exterior Surface Category.

OPUSTERRA PANEL was created with a very specific design intent – to create a PANEL that resembles being pulled out from the ground in one, swift move, evoking earthiness, natural aesthetics, and ancient materiality. This development aimed to create a unique, qualitative architecture with a new and multifunctional visitor center.

This bipolar building is closely tied to the materials using and the traditional construction solutions of this area. The process involved developing a unique manufacturing process, where the high-tech material of IVANKA is applied by hand into a specialized cast, and the result is a PANEL that is never the same as any other. The PANELS are more than 3 meters long. The resulting surface of the large format is naturally raw, aggregate-revealing, shows ample aggregates, and is reminiscent of the layers of the soil as it emerges from the deep.

Concrete’s robustness is accompanied with an active force that expresses the material’s contradictory states of fluidity and cast solidity. Concrete construction projects are antistatic, can be defined as a shot of fluid in motion. Concrete’s plastic characteristics – from fluid to solid, allowing the production of complex forms – combined with its mass and resilience make ’free’ transformations possible while efficiently resolving structural and physical demands.

Architect: Istvan Murka

Surface Design Awards 2017

in Public Building Exterior Surface Category

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