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Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week
12-17 April 2016

The company marked the 2016 edition of the Milan Design Week with two of its memorable products. Rossana Orlandi, the Milanese design icon, exhibiting some of the most exciting designers working around the world, welcomed the IVANKA QTZ CONCRETE Edition in her gallery. The concrete seating element reinterpreted Alexander Lotersztain’s stainless steel collection launched originally during Milan Design Week 2015. Inspired by the naturally occurring geometric forms of Quartz, it combines new-generation natural materiality, and the well-known high performance of IVANKA technologies. As a tribute to terazzo traditions the composition was presented by highlighting its aggregate-revealing surface, featuring hand picked elements.

The company’s progressive design perspective can also be found in the Kuvaro Volcano Baths exposed between the 12 -17 April. The project was born out of the idea of fusing simplicity and strength, seeking to balance form and function in a clear, sharp statement of minimalism. According to the designer’s belief the design is truly complete when the Volcano Baths are actually used, the human body in the presence of water is part of the concept.


Design by Alexander Lotersztain
Spazio Rossa Orlandi
Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16 - Milan


Tortona Design Week
Via Pietro Orseolo, 12 - Milan


Image selection from IVANKA Image Gallery