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Milan Design Week 2015

At Milan Design Week we presented with great success our ‘The Sound of Textures‘ interactive show: a project developed to transform concrete surfaces into unique sounds. The show has given visitors the chance to meet the inner features of concrete connected with sounds through human touch on different IVANKA concrete surfaces.

In the world of the conventional exhibitons where visitors are told „no photo please, please do not touch“, IVANKA‘s „Hear the sound of concrete - give it a touch!“ extraordinary show was an exceptional success as its concept was to touch the textures and meet the inner features and attributes of the material.

Symbolic trees carried the tactile surfaces to embrace human interaction. Touching the textures one by one for their unique sounds created a symphony of concrete and an emotional snapshot combining human touch with the material‘s inner spirit. The concept reflected the attributes of the different unique surfaces and had a complex effect on visitors sensory while they could still enjoy the experience of discovering the hidden features of concrete.

Founded by Katalin and András Ivánka, the designer concrete company has been constantly searching and exceeding the boundaries of the material’s technological solutions. As Katalin said about this year’s concept:
„We have taken concrete into many new fields of application and we always wanted to be connected with music. Five years back from now with a high-end engineer David Jankovics we developed AEROM Concrete Sound, a pair of 3-way, bassreflex, audiophile loudspeakers. Beyond our work with concrete to achieve the best quality sound we wanted to find more ways to be connected with music and sound. Discovering the possibility of ‘translating’ the various rich textures of IVANKA concrete surfaces into the language of sounds led to the project of ‘The Sound of Textures‘ as the main theme of our 2015 Milan Design Week Show.
We not only listen and play but we create music composed by the sounds of textures.“


IVANKA’s designer concrete jungle featured brand new products of its collection: TRINITY – a three module system of tiles consisting of the originals of a large Trapeze, a small Rhombus, and a small Triangle. The idea of using these simple geometric shapes and to include them in the IVANKA collection came from a recently completed custom project of Harvey Nichols in Birmingham designed by Virgile + Partners. Floor and wall layouts with TRINITY can be endlessly configurated with the combination of the three original types, however each type can also be used separately as a complete system of tiles.
GAUDI by IVANKA – IVANKA continues the trajectory of the famous‚ Barcelona panots‘. The 2015 revisited design is available in 13mm and 20mm thickness and ships worldwide. Available in all colours of the palette, suitable for both flooring and wall decoration. The 2015 Milan Design Week show specials were GAUDI tiles in special metallic surface finishing.
ORTO Covering - on a micro scale the drawing on ORTO‘s surface represents the beautiful network of unsystematic splits in nature. Through its firm structure, heavy weight and durability, concrete transports the idea of a passive strength by its resistance of external forces as a perfect complement of the active force, the life energy of every living being – natural environment in harmony with built structures.

The Sound of Textures by IVANKA
Hear the sound of textures – give it a touch!
April 13-19.
SUPERDESIGN SHOW / Temporary Museum for New Design
SuperStudio Più gardens
Via Tortona 27 – Milan

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