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Milan Design Week 2012

PLACE: Fondamenta Jahier Via Solari, 37 Milano
DATE: 17-22 Aprile 2012
TIME: 10:30 - 22:00
PRESS DAY: 16 APRILE ORE 17:00 - 22:00


IVANKA Design Studio unveiles the Genesis collection from their new division, IVANKA Fashion at the Tortona – ‘Anatomia Del Design’. The puritan luxury line includes unique handbags combined of leather and real concrete as well as clothing tailored from a textile developed by IVANKA to manifest the visual esthetic of concrete.

GENESIS Collection of Concrete WEARABLES

Since its inception, IVANKA Studio has made a name for adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. They have taken concrete, and handled that material creating products that defy normal concrete capacities and rock our conventional image of this material today. Pairing up with two young Hungarian fashion designers, Zsófia Anna Kormos and Anett Gálvölgyi, Katalin Ivanka developed a new textile based on the esthetic qualities of concrete. Using this textile, they have created on a clothing collection that draws a line from a raw masculine look to finer classic feminine lines.


This progression is exemplified in the second segment of the GENESIS collection, where real high performance concrete meets leather to create a sequence of clutch handbags. Beginning with a model made almost entirely of concrete, the evolution of the collection explores the effects produced by alternating the ratio between concrete and leather.
This collection has been complemented by the ’ORGAN Jewellery’ – designed by Anna Szabo intern architect at Studio IVANKA – which consists of five vital organs that can be interchanged. Human organs are developed to perfection but as long as they are inside our body, their shape are not emphasized and only follow function. The ORGAN JEWELLERY collection turns the body inside out and brings the hidden organs into limelight. Sharpened forms and high performance concrete material refers to the serious topic of health consciousness.
How the story began: Cement Couture ‘onetimeexclusives’ for a Vodafone portrait shoot

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IVANKA Studio and Concrete Factory is a Budapest headquartered firm founded by Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka in 2003. It’s endeavour is to create desire by envisaging distinctive designs and to execute them with the background of an organized technological drive. Their work is based on the versatile nature of CONCRETE – main material chosen for creative expression through discovering unexplored attributes.
The Ivankas are dreamers and doers living in the fabulous city of Budapest in the middle of Central Europe, where the 20-year old fragile democracy is now facing a most serious paradigm shift. Through their creations with concrete, their affinity for the material and a constant search for new technological solutions, their work speaks volumes about their country of origin, and also about their approach to design.
2011 December IVANKA established its third company: IVANKA Factory Zrt. corporation. (Nearly ten years ago the two founders Andras and Katalin have started with IR-Comp BT. limited partnership, an already existing company taken over for the start of their brand new activity. 2011 January IVANKA Concrete KFT.,-an LTD. had also been founded for the division of the main export products.) Developing the small family business of husband and wife into a new professional corporate structure opened the door to investors and led to the opening of an Advisory Board, a body of professionals from different fields of expertise to become involved in giving the Board meaningful assistance in its decisions and day-to-day life.

IVANKA Studio has made a name for adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. It is famous for its unique wall panels, FLASTER Tiles, for its special technology of monolith exposed staircases, for the Jankovits-Ivanka Concrete Sound audiophile loudspeaker design and high end engineering. IVANKA made its successful Milan Design Week debut with with SEEYOU Gravestone in 2009. Embracing a 21th century taboo subject they presented AFTERLIFESTYLE – universally speaking spiritual design that transcends life. After being received with enormous enthusiasm last year at 100%Design London 2010, IVANKA’s FLASTER Tiles became an international success and were used in prestigious Liberty London’s newly renovated Beauty Hall with commissions also underway for Wahaca, Ganapati restaurants and Geronimo Inns pubs.

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