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Customizable concrete PANELS and 'FLASTER Composer' - a brand new CAD Configuration Program developed by IVANKA to be introduced at SUPERBRANDS London

For the third year in a row ‘the brand for concrete’ joins the design festival in London, and after winning the “Best Stand in Show Award” at Tent London 2011, IVANKA is once again participating in SUPERBRANDS London. This year’s focus is on making a “deep” impression with a “light” concrete impact is a tangible natural materiality combined with modern technology: the introduction of the first configuration program created for making design projects easier while using the two best-selling IVANKA products - FLASTER tiles and PANELS –presented together with the catalogue of PANELS which come alive on the walls with their various textures and sophisticated graphic designs.

FLASTER Composer

Due to IVANKA's new user-friendly software architects, designers and even customers can create their own individual patterns for the surface of walls, floors or facades of their bespoke projects. Users will be able to choose which colors they would like to work with, as well as the measurements of their imagined area, while randomizing tile patterns and changing colors with just one click. FLASTER Composer, the first of such programs will debut at the company's stand at the SUPERBRANDS London exhibition. The presentation has been given a magnetizing effect with an interactive installation: an old school analog screen will be the medium for anyone who wants to see their designs come into real life.


Flaster is a concrete floor and wall covering fostered from a traditional motif. Made from fiber-reinforced high performance IVANKA concrete, these tiles are available both for exterior and interior usage. Flaster comes in three different thicknesses, therefore it can be applied to floors, walls or areas with heavy traffic. The contemporary use of the material, the custom color of the product, and the variation of small and large modules gives endless possibilities for the user to create a unique surface.


Panels are made from fiber-reinforced performance IVANKA concrete. These contemporary textured wall coverings are extremely durable and are suitable for exterior and interior usage. Panels are not only available in a wide variety of texture and colors, they also isolate heat and sound, have a high-level of fire resistance, are anti-corrosive and waterproof. There is also the added option for clients to create custom-made designs inspired by their love of graphics and original artwork.

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